4 important tips for selling your home

4 important tips for selling your homeSpring is a popular time for listing homes.. Use these tips from the Real Estate Council of Ontario to get started.

  1. Research potential agents. You’ll want to find a registered real estate salesperson who is right for you. Shop around before you make a decision. You could ask friends, family or coworkers for recommendations. Once you’ve made a shortlist of salespeople, talk to at least three of them. Sit down with them and ask about their real estate experience, references, services they provide, and how much they charge.
  2. Look them up on the RECO website. Before you sign an agreement, read it and understand it thoroughly, and be sure to check out RECO’s online search tool. It will tell you if your salesperson is registered and if they have any disciplinary action against them.
  3. Decide on a selling approach. Many sellers are happy when their salesperson lists the home on the MLS, places a sign on the front lawn and shows it to interested buyers. Other sellers want more bells and whistles such as open houses, home staging, digital marketing or even advertising in high-end magazines. It’s important that you and your salesperson are on the same page when it comes to marketing and selling your home. Keep in mind that the fees may vary, depending on services provided. Be sure to confirm if extra services like home staging are included in your agreement or if there will be additional charges.
  4. Keep your home safe during open houses. An open house is an invitation for visitors to enter your home. Protect yourself by removing valuables and personal information, ensuring that guests are asked to show ID and making sure they’re accompanied at all times. If you don’t think holding an open house is right for you, tell your salesperson.

Find more information about your rights and responsibilities when buying or selling a home at www.reco.on.ca


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