Travel back to the 70s with a retro revamp

Travel back to the 70s with a retro revampTake a blast from the past with some not-so-subtle nods to the 1970s. Incorporate iconic vibrant colour palettes, inviting textures and décor with groovy silhouettes into your home using tips from Sharon Grech, the colour and design expert for Benjamin Moore.

Bold pops of colour. This decade was all about bright hues and bold patterns, which enhance the retro feel. By incorporating neutral elements, you can add a modern spin to this eclectic look. Black and white are great neutral bases when paired with pops of colour and pattern throughout a room. Try painting a statement wall with your favourite colour or incorporating brightly painted furniture and accessories. “For cool, trendy accents, Fiji AF-525 is a refined, earthy blue hue when mixed with a black and white backdrop,” says Grech.

Retro-inspired furniture. Another great way to accentuate retro décor is by adding fun, vintage furnishings. Introduce bright and uniquely shaped pieces of furniture or asymmetrical consoles incorporating retro and colourful elements. Adding a fresh coat of paint to vintage pieces will create depth and new interest in a space. “I always recommend using Benjamin Moore Advance when it comes to painting furniture,” says Grech. Lighting is another great way to incorporate the vintage feel into your décor. Accentuate your space with geometric light fixtures in bright colours that will take you back in time.

Make a groovy statement with fun patterns and prints. When it comes to 70s-inspired home décor, the more pattern, the merrier. Create the groovy look by mixing unexpected prints and patterns as a key design element. “Be sure to mix the scale of your patterned items and work with a consistent colour palette throughout the room to keep a sophisticated look,” suggest Grech.

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